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PRINTABLE Budget Worksheets

Budgeting Worksheets for Teaching and Learning to Budget Money


Use the following printable budgeting worksheets for your own personal household budget or for teaching budgeting.

An important part of financial success of any individual or family is to be able to establish a budget and then learn to live within that budget. Creating a budget first involves understanding sources of income and expenses. Use the following budget sheets to help you create a personal budget then see our main budgeting category for more comprehensive lesson material, and practice.

STEP 1: Track your Expenses

Daily Expense Tracking Worksheet

An important first step to learning to budget is to track your expenses. Preparing a personal budget can be a mystery if the amount of money coming in and out of your pocket is not known. Use the following worksheet to list your daily expenses to better understand uses of money. It is suggested that you track expenses over the course of one month. Once this worksheet is completed, you will need to categorize the items and create a monthly or weekly budget (see step 2).

Expense Tracking Worksheet

Track your expenses.

Tracking Income and Expenses Worksheet

Prior version. Track your income and expenses.

STEP 2: Create a Monthly Or Weekly Budget

Blank Budget Worksheets

Use the following budget worksheets to help create a monthly or weekly budget. Once you have an estimate of how much you earn or spend in each of the categories listed (or create your own budget categories), try to create a monthly budget using the worksheets. Then during the month, track the items and see where you come in over or under budget.

These worksheets include two sections: one for income and one for expenses.

Income includes wages and interest income. Expenses include taxes, rent or mortgage, utilities, groceries, clothing, entertainment, transportation, savings, donations, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Either use the worksheet with categories listed, or choose a worksheet that you may fill in your own categories. You will need to be able to categorize each source of income and expense into one of the categories. Then, estimate projected expenses for the month from your actual expenses. If you used the tracking worksheet above, you will have an idea of how much these items will be in a given month. If an item only occurs annually, then divide the amount by twelve and include it on your monthly worksheet.

Budget Worksheet - Categories Listed

Budget with categories.

Budget Worksheet - No Categories Listed

Blank budget form.

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