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Earning and Spending

Earning and Spending Money Lessons


Teach and learn about earning and making money. Learn different ways that people make money. Practice reading and understanding employee earnings statements, paychecks, time card sheets, income, health insurance, deductions, and other lessons related to salary, earning and making money for different careers. Money worksheets, lessons, and lesson plans.


Worksheets and Lessons with a spending money theme, consumer math. Students practice their spending money skills by using these spending money worksheets and lessons. Spending money is an interesting topic to use while reinforcing basic math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and other skills such as reading comprehension. Learn consumer math skills.


Use these worksheets to teach basic budget concepts. Budgeting involves understanding how much money you earn and spend over a period of time. Use these printable budget worksheets and budgeting lessons to teach real life basic budget concepts, an important fundamental money skill. Budget lesson plans and worksheets for teaching household budgeting and consumer math skills.


Teach and learn the basic concepts and usage of basic business math and consumer math. These lesson plans, lessons, interactive material, and worksheets will introduce your students to basic math concepts. This page highlights our material that fits into a traditional business math curriculum. It begins with more simple money math, decimals, place value, addition, subtraction, percentages, earning money, income and wages, taxes, checking accounts, bank savings accounts, and more consumer math skills. Examples and problems.


Learn credit card basics. Credit cards, credit, and paying interest. Learning about credit cards.


Teach your students tax basics. Do your students know what taxes are? These worksheets and lessons may be used to help teach your students tax basics. Use them to help students understand what are taxes, why do we pay taxes, and what taxes are used for, while reinforcing basic math and reading comprehension.


Learn about basic insurance policy types, concepts, and principles. Students will learn about the importance of having insurance and how it fits into their personal financial planning.

Earning and Spending Informational Resources

Debt and Credit Information

Information on debt and credit. Many of us have too much debt, and we want to reduce or eliminate it. Others use debt responsibly, for example for a mortgage on a house. However, if you are feeling financially stressed, then you likely have too much debt.

Insurance Information

Information on insurance. You are always at risk of loosing the things you have. Insurance provides financial protection for these unforeseen risks for you and your family.

Budgeting Information

Information and resources on budgeting money and budget planning for setting up your own personal or household budget and saving money. Learn important concepts, terminology, process, and basic techniques.

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